STANLIB investment professionals cover a wide range of asset classes - from active to passive asset management, single manager offerings and multi-manager solutions, locally and offshore.

Through our insights and experience we make better-informed decisions for the future that enable you, our customers, both individuals and institutions, to achieve your financial goals.

As one of Africa’s largest wealth managers, we have a network of investment experts across the continent. Our connections give us access to a global network of investment specialists in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


Our fixed income team is unrivalled in size and experience in South Africa. We manage one of the largest portfolios in the country and are the only South African fixed income manager to be a member of the international Global Fixed Interest Institute (GFII).


Our multi-asset team manages well diversified portfolios that balance potential returns with appropriate risk to deliver inflation-beating returns over the long term.


Our traditional fixed income team runs the largest fixed money market fund in South Africa.


Our index investments specialists have one of the lowest tracking error records in South Africa. They offer a comprehensive range of equity, bond, multi-asset and global passives portfolios.


Our specialists offer a range of multi-manager portfolios aimed at helping investors achieve a specific investment goal.


Our highly skilled credit alternatives team has significant understanding of markets combined with deep specialisation. We offer investors exposure to a wide range of difficult to access investment opportunities in industries and geographies across Africa.


Our absolute return team produces consistent performance through all business cycles, while offering downside protection (protection against market downturns). The STANLIB Absolute Plus Fund has never lost capital over a rolling 12-month period and has always beaten inflation over a rolling three years.


Our listed property team manages one of the largest property portfolios in the country with exposure to South African and global property markets.


Our equity team has extensive investment and industry experience and is committed to delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns by investing in quality companies with sustainable growth potential.


Investors have a choice of savings and retirement options:

  • Tax Free Savings Account

    A savings account that helps you save for your goals. Interest, dividends and capital gains are tax free.

  • Retirement Annuity Fund

    Save for retirement with a retirement annuity where your contributions are tax deductible.

  • Preservation Pension Plan

    Preserve your pension fund contributions before you retire using a preservation pension plan.

  • Linked Life Annuity

    Choose a living annuity when you retire to flexibly manage your retirement income while remaining invested in the markets.


To help us deliver investment excellence in the markets we serve, we have partnered with leading global firms to co-manage some of our offshore allocations. Columbia Threadneedle is a leading global asset manager used for their expertise in equities and multi-asset funds. US-based Fidelity manage cash portfolios. And US-headquartered Brandywine Global are experts in managing global bonds.


We provide investors access to a range of alternative investments including private equity, infrastructure and unlisted property.